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$500 Promotional credit

terms & Conditions

Terms & conditions

New Client Credit Promotion 

  1. Each new Customer who meets the eligibility criteria outlined in these terms and conditions for the “New Client Promotion” will receive a one-time promotional credit equal to three hundred dollars ($500), applied to the applicable invoice (“Promotional Credit”).  
  2. To be eligible for this Promotional Credit, the Customer must (i) be a new Customer for Heart of the House Hospitality (“HotHH”); (ii) agree to all pricing requirements as determined by HotHH, in its sole discretion; and (iii) complete all new customer documentation required by HotHH, including but not limited to executing HotHH’s Service Agreement and Quote prior to the start of service. This promotion does not apply to Customers who are currently utilizing or have previously utilized HotHH’s services. HotHH reserves the right to modify the eligibility requirements and/or deny or revoke a Customer’s eligibility at any time in its sole discretion. 
  3. Customer must utilize at least one thousand (1,000) hours of services over a period of 4 consecutive weeks to qualify for the Promotional Credit. The consecutive 4-week period shall begin on the first day of services.  
  4. The Promotional Credit will be applied to the applicable invoice after the fourth consecutive week of service if qualified. If Customer does not qualify for the Promotional Credit within the first 4 weeks from the start of service, HotHH shall not be obligated to provide the Promotional Credit.  
  5. In the event Customer requests a Heart of the House Assigned Employee be replaced, the Promotional Credit will not apply to any such replacements.  
  6. Overtime hours (if applicable) worked by the Assigned Employee(s) will be billed at 1.5 times the standard hourly bill rate. The total hours worked, including overtime hours (if applicable) will not be altered by the credit.  
  7. Promotional Credit cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional or discounted offers (e.g., mark-up discounts, credits, etc.).