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1,000-Room Hotel Needs Reliable Housekeeping Staffing Solution

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Challenge A hotel with nearly 1,000 rooms needed a total housekeeping solution from housekeepers to supervisors. The hotel called on Heart of the House to assemble the team. Solution Heart of the House now provides nearly 60 housekeepers per day to the hotel. Three of the team members are room inspectors ensuring that Heart of […]

Hotel GM Frustrated With Housekeeping Quality From Other Hospitality Staffing Agencies

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Challenge A 260-room hotel had trouble filling its housekeeping team through other hospitality staffing agencies. The employees assigned to the hotel simply were not the quality of staff the property needed to meet expectations. The hotel general manager called Heart of the House to fill six positions – about half the property’s housekeeping staff. Solution […]

Hotel Suffers From “No Show” Problem On Busy Weekends

Reception desk and view on hallway in modern hotel

Challenge The 340-room hotel realized it would have multiple no-shows among its housekeeping staff over two weekends when the hotel was fully booked. At 20 rooms cleaned per housekeeper, the guest satisfaction was at high risk unless the hotel found a way to fill the housekeeping positions immediately or pay significant overtime to existing staff. […]

Hotel 60% Understaffed During Pandemic Recovery

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Challenge A hotel with 144 rooms lost 60% of their staff during pandemic layoffs. As Chicago started to open back up, they quickly needed quality staff that could perform to new health and cleanliness codes. Solution With short notice, Heart of the House was able to hire staff that were familiar with the property and […]

633-Room Hotel Challenged By Recruiting Shortfall

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Challenge A busy 633-room convention hotel property had the constant challenge to attract and maintain the appropriate number of housekeeping staff required by staffing guidelines. The model calls for approximately 60 employees, but the property had only been able to directly employ about 50%-60% of that requirement, necessitating the support of a housekeeping staffing partner. […]

Hotel Needs Help With Food Service Staffing And Recruiting

cook and kitchen manager

Challenge Hotel management was having difficulty building its food and beverage team. Qualified F&B talent was hard to find, and so much time was spent on recruiting that guest satisfaction started to suffer. Solution The hotel approached Heart of the House about outsourcing food and beverage staffing and management. Heart of the House would provide […]