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Clean Up Your Digital Footprint: 5 Steps for Job Seekers

clean up your digital footprint

Searching for work? It’s time to clean up your digital footprint. Here’s why: Social media is a great for connecting with employers. It can put you in front of hiring managers faster than emailing a resume. But it also gives companies and staffing agencies an easy way to learn more about you. All it takes […]

Housekeeping Jobs: 4 Perks That Pay Off for Hospitality Workers

Housekeeping Job Perks That Pay Off

Are the best housekeeping jobs the ones that pay the most? It depends. Pay is important, but it’s not the only think to consider when looking for hospitality work. Perks should be a priority too. In fact, overlooking them can be a costly mistake. Here are 4 perks you should look for in your next […]

Hotel Jobs that Put People and Safety First

Hospitality Jobs with Weekly Pay the Safe Way

Earn Weekly Pay The Safe Way Would you love to have weekly, reliable pay, but are hesitant to work because of COVID-19? At Heart of the House, you can get back to work safely. Use our Quick Apply form now. We’ve partnered with the world’s leading hotels to create workplaces that have strict safety standards. […]

International Housekeeping Week

Celebrating International Housekeeping Week 2020

The heartbeat of Heart of the House, and the hotel industry, are housekeepers. They are the magic behind the scenes—the key ingredient in a recipe for crafting an incredible guest experience. Every staff member, from the front of the house to the back, makes guest satisfaction possible. However, the inimitable delight we all feel when […]

Housekeeping Jobs Guide


If you’re interested in learning more about a career in housekeeping, you’ve come to the right place. Our Housekeeping Jobs Guide will cover everything you need to know. Read on, or apply for a job now. Housekeeping Jobs Have Lots of Benefits If you’re personable, detail-oriented and love customer service, housekeeping can be a rewarding career […]