Laundry Staffing Services

When we develop your laundry talent solution we think about two things:

  1. How can we improve the quality of your work life?
  2. How can we improve safety and strengthen your business?

Our On-site Managed Laundry Solutions result from that thinking.

Hiring, training, managing, and retaining talent isn’t easy, especially when running laundry operations is on your plate. Putting us in charge of labor management frees up your time to focus on plant safety, inventory, maintenance and even take a moment for yourself to enjoy a cup of coffee.

A People First | Safety First partnership with Heart of the House will give you these results:

Safety. We ensure a compliant and safe work environment at each plant we serve. From properly vetting our employees to COVID-19 safety training and certification, you can be confident in a complete and compliant talent solution.

Savings. The costs of recruiting, training, workers compensation and unemployment transfer from you to us. Fewer expenses mean a better bottom line.

Simplicity. Your on-site talent manager is right there ensuring staffing runs smoothly. This single point of contact makes communication and accountability simple and seamless.

Satisfaction. Our staff is gracious, happy in their work, and passionate about supporting your laundry service. You will experience pinpoint accurate payroll and billing, tailored reporting and a laundry services partner that is responsive 24/7.

Laundry Talent We Provide

  • Laundry Attendants
  • Linen Sorters
  • Machine Operators
  • Laundry Supervisors

Industries We Serve

  • Hotels
  • Medical
  • Uniform Services
  • Health & Spa
  • Commercial

Ready for skilled and reliable laundry talent?

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