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racing to find staff for november?

Heart of the house is your staffing partner for the 2023 lAS VEGAS FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX

vegas grand prix staffing

BE race-ready with staffing from heart of the house

Formula 1 racing is coming to Vegas in November!

Tens of thousands of race fans will be attendance. That means stadium-sized occupancy for your hotel!

But there’s no room for staffing breakdowns. To meet demands, you’ll need a fine-tuned team of housekeeping and F&B professionals. Heart of the House can help!


  • Flexible and scalable staffing

    Always have the right amount of staff for any occasion. Whether it's a stadium event, high season, or unexpected surges in occupancy. (And No unemployment costs come low season!)

  • Higher guest satisfaction scores

    Our award-winning hospitality staffing solutions are proven to raise room cleanliness and GSS scores.

  • Faster hiring and onboarding

    Spend less time trying to win the war for hospitality talent, and enjoy on-demand access to pre-screened, proven staff.

  • Reduced labor costs

    Payroll administration, unemployment, and workers comp are all taken care of by us.

  • Happier workers!

    Heart of the House associates enjoy competitive pay, PTO, health insurance, and a 401(k) with company match. We take care of them and they will happily take care of your guests.

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