Julian Munioz

Working hard, saving money for our family and children.

Julian immigrated from Guadalajara, Mexico, and has been an employee of Heart of the House Hospitality for five years.

“Most people I know work hard doing the same as me, working and saving money for our family, for our kids. I work different positions. Sometimes I work six or seven days a week. I’m here trying to save as much money as possible.”

HotHH made some changes in the past few years, which included paid vacation and benefits, and Julian says things are much better. Though he prefers to work instead of taking his vacation, on his days off Julian loves to ride his bike. Driving down the streets of Indianapolis – every day, every season – he is out there riding his bicycle. Sunshine, rain, snow, even temperatures below freezing. “My passion is biking. Some days I will ride five to six hours – it is my pleasure.”