Raquel Marin

Just remember why you came in the first place…to look for a better job for your family, and if you always keep that in mind, then everything is possible.

Seeking opportunity in the United States because the economy in her country was bad and there was no work, Raquel said, “It’s not easy to pack up and leave everything behind. Eleven years earlier she thought, “It’s going to be tough at the beginning. It’s going to be really hard, but it is possible.”

“The first thing I did when I came to Indianapolis was to work in the service industry. I like it.” Raquel dedicates herself to the quality of her work, and she is often recognized for that quality.

Service is the only career she’s ever had, and she dedicates herself to her work knowing she can take care of her children, who are now attending university. She misses them terribly, but she says, “They help me by continuing their studies.”

When asked what type of outlook Raquel wishes to instill in her youngest daughter, she says, “She needs to continue to study. She needs to have a career. She is bilingual, and she will have many opportunities.”

“If you are positive, you can do anything.”