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understanding slow periods

nashville work will pick up again mid july

Dear Associate,

At Heart of the House, we want to provide you with work whenever you need it. During most of the year, we can. But there are short periods when work is less available. This is known as the “slow” or “low” season. 

What is Slow Season?

Hospitality work is seasonal. During slow season, hotels have fewer guests and, therefore, need less staff. As a result, Heart of the House has limited work to offer.

We are about to have a very brief slow season that will last until mid-July (just several weeks!)

What Should I Do in the Meantime?

Be patient. Slow season may mean less work, but remember, it’s only temporary. Steady work will be here in a few weeks, and so will your regular, consistent weekly hours.

Be ready. Even during slow season, hotels may have a sudden need for staff. If that happens, your local Heart of the House team will reach out to you. We must have your current contact info including phone and email! If your contact info has changed, please update your Heart of the House representative right away!

Be resourceful. Is there a housekeeping or food and beverage skill you would like to learn or expand upon? Ask your Heart of the House team about training opportunities. Improved skills could lead to even more work opportunities when things pick up!    

While we can’t control seasonal slowdowns, we can promise you that we are always doing everything we can to find you work. Rest assured that our busy season will be here soon, and so will regular weekly hours.

Thank you for your understanding and for being an essential member of the Heart of the House Family!