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How a People-First Approach to Training Reduces Hotel Turnover

manager training kitchen staff

Turnover is an increasing problem for hotel managers, and it’s one reason they ask us for help. Providing guest satisfaction is challenging when the industry’s separation rate can be as high as 84.9% . But how do you reduce hotel turnover? Two solutions we use at Heart of the House to help clients solve this […]

3 ways on-site talent management will increase your hotel’s GSS score

3 ways hotels can boost their GSS score

As a hotel manager, guest satisfaction is your number one priority, and you work hard to achieve a high GSS score. Choosing the right hospitality talent solution can positively affect guest satisfaction. For this reason, many hotels are moving away from traditional hospitality staffing agencies and embracing on-site talent management. 3 ways on-site talent management […]

Hotels use virtual reality training for out-of-this-world-results

hotels use virtual reality training for out-of-this world results

Virtual reality training at hotels: it’s all about people VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) technologies have become indispensable hotel marketing tools. For instance, interactive guest suites, virtual door keys, and 4D travel excursions are several ways hoteliers are using the technology to attract guests. However, strip away the QR codes, smartphone apps, and […]

6 ways an employee recognition program will help your hotel retain talent


Is your hotel’s employee recognition program really that important? Let’s look at the following statistics: 55% of millennials indicated they would leave the hospitality industry within five years1 57.2% of hospitality workers aged 18-35 felt undervalued despite competitive compensation2 With pay at an all-time high and unemployment holding steady at 3.6%3, hotels need to retain […]