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Tony D., General Manager

We have reduced the number of 3rd parties servicing Housekeeping. You continue to be one we rely on. This reflects the positive partnership.

Cecilia D., Executive Housekeeping Manager

I love that the managers are 24/7 available to assist with the Department’s needs. I had an amazing experience with Liliana and Dylan, both have a great attitude, treat employees with respect and are ready to assist my team.

Sandra R., Operations Manager

Anytime I have any issues or concerns Nereida is there a call away and she listens to my concerns and resolves my concerns and issues right away without any problems. All of the team members she has sent me have been great.

Jameira S., Director of Rooms

They are true team players and have an outstanding work ethic. Cristina the manager is also outstanding. She goes above and beyond to meet the needs of our business and is a huge support to us. We are thankful for the Heart of House employees.

Maria W., General Manager

Tiffany Solis works very hard to ensure that the candidates she hires for our property will be a good fit for the property and the team!