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Our teams of hospitality talent are happy, reliable, and passionate about service.

Why Work With Heart Of The House?

Heart of the House Hospitality delivers incredible guest experiences that raise satisfaction scores and build brand loyalty.

Our Hospitality Staffing Services

One Love: Hospitality

Some staffing companies try to do it all—not us. Hospitality staffing is what we love and all we do. That means 100% of our time is spent recruiting and screening the best hospitality talent in your market.

Local Expertise, National Reach

We serve over 500 clients in 25 markets across the country. Need staff for one location? How about 100? Wherever you need hospitality talent, Heart of the House is close by and ready to support you.

Happy Workers Create Happy Guests

As an employee-owned company, our people-first approach not only attracts but empowers associates who are deeply invested in your success. This ownership mentality fosters happier employees and, in turn, leads to higher guest satisfaction scores and positive online reviews.

Employee Owner in Housekeeping


Experience the benefits of staff who think and act like owners.

As an employee-owned company, each member of our team—from housekeepers to our F&B specialists—holds shares in our business. Their personal investment grows as our company prospers. This tangible connection between our collective success and their individual financial rewards motivates every employee owner to excel in their roles.

Our Recruiting Strategies

While we have one of the largest hospitality talent networks in the country, it’s not the size of our database that matters most—it’s the quality of the people within it. We attract the industry’s best talent using traditional and innovative methods. Whether it’s grassroots recruiting in local communities, or reaching untapped talent through technology, our recruiting strategies are diverse and always evolving.

Sourcing Methods

Our Talent Database

Recruitment Offices

Job Fairs

Referral Programs

Social Media Recruiting

Digital Advertising

Job Boards

Grassroots Recruiting

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A Total Talent Solution

Heart of the House provides everything you need to keep your hotel or event venue staffed and operating smoothly.

Recruiting that attracts the industry’s best talent.

Compliance that adheres to all regulations.

Staffing that’s reliable, flexible, and focused on service.

Training that keeps staff current on procedures.

Payroll that’s always accurate and on time.

Billing that includes custom invoicing.

Reporting that shows data exactly how you want to see it.

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On-Site Managed Staffing

With our on-site staffing services, we manage your workforce right from your hotel or venue.

So, when you need help, we’re just footsteps away. No support tickets, no call centers, just local in-person support right when you need it. On-site management also allows for better supervision of staff and quality control.

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