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Associate Milestone Awards!

recognizing our loyal hospitality associates

Rewarding Longevity and Service in Hospitality

All of our wonderful associates deserve recognition! But there is a special group of people we especially want to celebrate. 

Our Milestone Award Winners have worked for Heart of the House for five or more years. They are loyal members of our family and our hotel clients’ families as well.  As a reward for their dedication to the hospitality industry, and to celebrate their tenure, we award associates with a milestone bonus for every milestone they reach:

  • 5 Years of Service:   $1000
  • 10 Years of Service: $5000
  • 15 Years of Service: $5000
  • 20 Years of Service: $5000

Looking for a company who rewards your work?

Heart of the House awards performance and milestone bonuses to associates who go the extra mile. Apply for work today!

Milestone Award winners