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We’re proud of the praise we receive from clients and associates.

In Their Own Words


I thank the company for its collaboration and commitment to their employees. Thank you!

Edison Romero, Housekeeping Associate

I want to thank the Heart of the House Detroit Team because they are all always taking the time to make sure we are taken care of.

Minerva, Laundry Services Associate

I am so blessed to work for a company that takes care of its employees. I’m thankful to not only work for Heart of the House, but for the hotel as the managers treat me as their own.

Sergio, Housekeeping Associate

It’s a company that treats us very well and they are very respectful, they are always very attentive of our needs. There is great camaraderie along our co-workers and there are opportunities for growth. I have no complaints; I am very grateful to work with you all.

Jean Carlos, Housekeeping Associate

The truth is that I have always felt like It’s a second family. I have always felt comfortable with the managers and feel like I could trust them. They make me feel like I am part of the family. Plus, they offer great benefits!

Rosa, Housekeeping Associate


We have reduced the number of 3rd parties servicing Housekeeping. You continue to be one we rely on. This reflects the positive partnership.

Tony D., General Manager

I love that the managers are 24/7 available to assist with the Department’s needs. I had an amazing experience with Liliana and Dylan, both have a great attitude, treat employees with respect and are ready to assist my team.

Cecilia D., Executive Housekeeping Manager

Anytime I have any issues or concerns Nereida is there a call away and she listens to my concerns and resolves my concerns and issues right away without any problems. All of the team members she has sent me have been great.

Sandra R., Operations Manager

They are very involved, constantly visiting the Hotel & checking up on employees & needs!

Kevin B., Assistant Executive Housekeeper

They are true team players and have an outstanding work ethic. Cristina the manager is also outstanding. She goes above and beyond to meet the needs of our business and is a huge support to us. We are thankful for the Heart of House employees.

Jameira S., Director of Rooms

Tiffany Solis works very hard to ensure that the candidates she hires for our property will be a good fit for the property and the team!

Maria W., General Manager

Been working with Carlos Vargas for 7 years!!! Always provides professional prompt service to our needs at the hotel.

Natasha W., General Manager

Our site manager, Jose Alejandro, has developed an exceptional relationship between Hyatt and Heart of the House. He is consistently accessible and offers solutions for the hotel whenever necessary.

Yholaide N., Assistant Director of Operations

I like that their account managers are involved and available; weekly check-ins are nice to have regionally. Great team overall!

James D., Director of Hotel Operations

I am always able to reach the Heart of the House team and work through any staffing concerns we may have. I have worked with Alex, Alicia and Joshua. They are all helpful and show their care in every interaction I have had with them. I truly appreciate the relationship we have with Heart of House Hospitality.

Rachel A., Assistant General Director


Heart of the House is unlike any company I have ever worked for. They take care of their people. And they do what they say they are going to do.

Heart of the House Employee

They’re incredibly family oriented and flexible with personal needs. They’re an amazing company to work with and grow your career!

Heart of the House Employee

The company’s mission of caring for people is evident each day. Heart of the House truly feels like a family. We work hard, we have fun, and treat each other like family (a functional one!) Although the company is growing at a furious pace, it embodies small-company culture. Everyone collaborates and has appreciation for their teammates’ contributions. Leadership’s door is always open for feedback and ideas on how to make the company, and life at the company better for everyone. It’s a great place to work!

Heart of the House Employee

Heart of the House Hospitality cares and supports their employees while providing challenging projects to help you grow. Managers highly motivate you to grow and strengthen your skills. They provide competitive pay and opportunities for growth.

Heart of the House Employee

Everyone is very professional, polite, and kind.

Heart of the House Employee

I think that they make people feel welcomed and they’re always willing to help each other no matter what. At my old job it was everyone for themselves and here you have more support from everyone. I believe that this is the reason why it works so well.

Heart of the House Employee

Excellent company with good benefits and a lot of support and good work environment.

Heart of the House Employee

The organization is diversified and welcoming. Everyone is so polite, approachable, and always ready to back me up whenever I need help, especially from my manager…Every department from Ops to IT and of course Payroll and Billing and HR. They are always  ready to help and leadership are always taking the time to see how we are and how we are doing in personal and professional aspects.

Heart of the House Employee

It is a company with an excellent work environment. I have never had any unresolved problems and the work team is very good.

Heart of the House Employee