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Workplace Safety And Compliance

People first. Safety first.

Our Commitment To Safety

The health and safety of our associates, our clients, and our clients’ guests is our number-one priority.

Our commitment to safety and compliant work environments is a company-wide effort. From our executive leadership to our on-site associates, everyone on our team does their part to put safety first.

Benefits Of Our Safety Program

  • Minimized risk
  • Better compliance
  • Fewer workers’ comp claims
  • Less turnover
  • Happier employees and guests

Comprehensive Safety Program

Our safety program includes the following:


All staff and associates receive ongoing safety training. This includes training to the Standards of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), as well as job-specific training for housekeeping and food and beverage roles. Our associates are regularly trained and supervised on accident prevention, compliance requirements, biohazard safety, PPE usage, and other safety precautions.


Our on-site managers and supervisors perform frequent safety audits to ensure our associates, and the environments they work in, remain safe and compliant. In addition to following our own strict safety standards, we supervise and coach associates on our clients’ specific safety requirements.


We regularly communicate with staff, associates, and clients on evolving safety topics and procedures. Whether it’s updating existing protocols, or working with clients to establish new ones, constant communication is key to keeping everyone safe.