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Best of Staffing Award 2022

Best of Staffing Award Winner

Clearyrated, the leader in service quality research, surveys staffing clients to determine which firms provide the best service in the industry. To win Clearlyrated’s Best of Staffing Award, firms must earn a Net Promoter Score of 50% or better (anything higher than 30% is considered excellent).

Heart of the House’s NPS score is 80%, which means clients rate our service level as “world class”.

Heart of the house NPs vs industry averages

When you compare our Net Promoter Score with the average NPS scores for our industries, especially the staffing industry, you can see how significant our ranking is:

  • Heart of the House NPS: 80%
  • Staffing Industry Average NPS: 28%
  • Hotel Industry Average NPS: 49%
  • Hospitality Industry NPS: 53%
Heart of the House NPS vs Industry


Heart of the House promoters vs staffing industry

NPS is considered the “Holy Grail” of customer loyalty and satisfaction benchmarks. It measures customer satisfaction by asking a single question: “How likely is it that you would recommend [company] to a friend or colleague?” 

Customers who are very likely to recommend a company are called promoters. 

Heart of the House has one of the highest rates of promoters in the staffing industry at 84%. The average percentage of promoters for our industry is 46%. 


In addition to the primary NPS question, we asked clients additional questions about their experience with our service. Once again, Heart of the House clients expressed a high level of satisfaction.

0 %
Percentage of clients who say our hospitality associates meet the requirements of their hotel.
0 %
Percentage of clients who say we provide associates who are a good culture fit for their team.
0 %
Percentage of clients who say we provide hospitality associates within the expected time frame.
0 %
Percentage of clients who say their partnership with Heart of the House has a positive impact on guest satisfaction.