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We are an Employee-owned company

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Empowered by Employee Ownership

‘People first’ is more than our motto—it’s at the heart of why we chose to be employee owned. Every Heart of the House employee owns part of the company and shares in our collective success. You’ll be supported by staff who are personally invested in delivering exceptional service and making every guest’s experience outstanding.

Benefits of Employee-Ownership

Higher Performance

Everyone from our housekeepers to our F&B talent owns shares in the company. As we flourish, so does the value of their stock. This direct link between company success and personal gain gives every employee owner a compelling financial incentive to excel in their roles.

Lower Staff Turnover

Employee owners are more likely to stick around. That’s because their financial rewards grow the longer they stay. This means you can count on a committed and stable team supporting you today and in the future. 

increased engagement

Employee owners aren’t just working for a paycheck—they’re growing a company they own. They think and act like owners, which means you receive superior service and quality from a team who is engaged and truly cares about your satisfaction.  

Stronger Teamwork

Ownership creates a deep sense of unity and cooperation among our staff. They not only work hard–they work in harmony to keep performance high and you and your guests happy. 

Happy Employees improve guest satisfaction

Our employee-owners have every reason to smile! Statistics reveal that workers in ESOPs (Employee Stock Ownership Plans) enjoy numerous advantages over those at non-ESOP companies. Happy employees create happy guests! 

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Employee-Owner Facts

Did you know that employee-owners experience 33% higher median wages and 92% higher household wealth than non-employee owners? It’s one of the many reasons Heart of the House employees are happy and passionate about serving your guests. Here are some other exciting national ESOP facts:

The percentage of ESOP workers who feel they can live comfortably in retirement compared to only 49% of non-ESOP retirees.
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Mean account balances in ESOP companies is $67,000 higher than 401(k) balances in non-ESOPs, or roughly double the 401(k) amount.
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The percentage of funds in ESOP accounts from the employer, compared to just 31% in 401(k) plans.
0 %
The percentage of employee owners who reported being laid off in the past year compared to 6% of non-Employee Owners.
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