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The Safety First Spotlight: Joseph Tavera, Dietary Aide



Today, we’re shining the Safety First Spotlight on the multi-talented Joseph Tavera, Dietary Aide Associate for Heart of the House in New York.

Joseph began his career at Heart of the House in food and beverage and events, and he now helps our healthcare staffing clients as a dietary aide. He is unwavering in his commitment to patient and client safety, and his friendliness and compassion brightens the day for everyone he meets at the hospital.

How long have you worked for Heart of the House?

Two and a half years.

What is your favorite thing about working at Heart of the House?

Probably the diversity of clientele. I was able to share my time with certain clients I really enjoyed working with. To put it simply, I enjoy the experience with the company.

What do you love most about supporting the hospitality industry?

What I enjoy most is my interaction with people and the conversations I am able to have with everyone. Each day at work I meet new people and learn something new.

One of the ways Joseph keeps patients safe is by wearing the proper PPE

What does People First | Safety First mean to you?

To me, when I hear this, I think our clients’ safety comes first. I strive to take all their considerations in hand. Working as a dietary aide my main objective is to make sure our patients are safe and happy. But, sometimes, when their requests jeopardize their safety, I have to mitigate those instances to ensure they remain healthy and happy. My experience working in the hospitality industry really honed my bedside manner.

What do you enjoy about being a dietary aide?

I think the very personal and close effect/difference we make directly into patients’ lives has been very touching. I appreciate how we have a direct correlation to how a patient’s treatment goes at the hospital.

Working in our event venues, it sometimes seemed superficial, but working in the hospital it is much more critical because peoples’ lives and health are at stake. It is a complicated and concerted effort with an excellent reward. We in hospitality have a certain skill set that offers a personal and human touch to a hospital’s sometimes sterile environment.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

I started in the catering industry about 6 years ago. Working with Heart of the House allowed me to advance my hospitality experience to include the hosting of some of New York’s biggest events. I hope to continue to serve the people in a legal facet one day by going to law school.