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Heart of the House Hospitality is your labor management partner. Unlike hospitality recruitment companies, we don’t just provide staff, we provide fully managed staffing. We handle administrative and hiring tasks, which leaves you free to focus on serving your guests.

What makes Heart of the House different from typical hospitality recruitment agencies?

  • Commitment to treating our employees well. We provide competitive wages and encourage personal and professional development. Our belief is that if we take care of our employees, they will take better care of our clients and their guests.
  • Our “no short cuts” mentality. We follow all the requirements of our clients in recruiting, screening, testing and scheduling of talent.
  • Transparency. We believe open communication, prompt follow-up and quick correction of mistakes are essential in providing superior labor services.
  • Focus on meeting our clients’ goals and objectives. We take on as much responsibility in labor management services as the hotel property and ownership allow, thereby earning the right to provide strategic solutions to today’s complex labor environment.
  • Knowledge of the industry. We are committed to training and developing our employees in understanding the critical nuances in our clients’ requirements.
  • Dedication to training and development. We provide opportunities for our employees to improve their skills and experience, including opportunities to earn certifications and recognition.
  • Flexibility and availability. We maintain flexible scheduling to match our employees’ availability.
  • Benefits for our employees. Benefits include: paid time off, medical, dental, and vision.

We provide quality and responsive services.

You can expect custom and optimized temporary staffing solutions that fill your requirements and exceed your expectations, including tailored reporting and optimized strategies for improving day-to-day functions.

Contact one of our hospitality industry recruiters, or learn more about our vision.

Labor management services include:

  • Recruitment, training, and hiring
  • Payroll and taxes
  • Unemployment
  • Workers’ comp
  • All legal documentation