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3 ways on-site talent management will increase your hotel’s GSS score

3 ways hotels can boost their GSS score

As a hotel manager, guest satisfaction is your number one priority, and you work hard to achieve a high GSS score. Choosing the right hospitality talent solution can positively affect guest satisfaction. For this reason, many hotels are moving away from traditional hospitality staffing agencies and embracing on-site talent management.

3 ways on-site talent management will increase your GSS score:

1. Reduced Call-Offs

Long lines at the front desk? Delayed check-in times? Unkempt rooms? Slow food and beverage services? These scenarios are disastrous for guest satisfaction, and hotel staff shortages often cause them. You might try tackling turnover by farming it out to a bunch of staffing agencies, but this could cause an increase in quantity that comes with inconsistent quality.

A better solution is to partner with an on-site hospitality talent management company. Unlike staffing agencies that may not specialize in hospitality and send you staff hoping they “stick”, on-site hospitality providers manage the entire talent process right from your property including recruitment, onboarding, training, retention, and payroll. By working at your hotel, they have a better understanding of your property’s specific talent needs and can respond quickly to call-offs and turnover, often reducing both. A well-staffed hotel means happier guests that will give you higher satisfaction survey scores.

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2. Streamlined Training

You can recruit the best hotel talent in the industry, but if your training program is weak their performance, and your guest satisfaction survey scores, will suffer. Regardless of how successful a housekeeper, front desk agent, or server was at the last hotel they worked for, they need to learn the nuances of what works at your property.

The solution isn’t simple. Your training program needs to be thorough but efficient. If the program is too long, new hires are stuck in training instead of serving guests. If it’s too short, they might not be prepared to serve guests at all.

Experienced on-site hospitality talent managers know how to design training programs that are fast and effective. That’s because they have a keen understanding of two things: seasoned hospitality talent and your hotel. Instead of wasting time and money training staff on skills they already do well, a good on-site talent manager can narrow down learning for new hires; training them only on what they need for success at your property. The result is a training program that takes less time, costs less money, and produces highly skilled employees that will satisfy your guests.

3. Happier Staff

So, you staffed your hotel sufficiently, and your training program is perfect, but somehow your hotel’s GSS score is still south of where it should be. Unhappy guests often result from unhappy employees, and the number one reason for dissatisfied employees is lack of appreciation. You, like most busy hotel managers, undoubtedly appreciate your staff beyond words. The problem is, beyond words, what can you do to ensure they know it?

One way is through an employee recognition program. On-site hospitality talent managers understand the critical link between recognition and retention. They can implement an employee recognition program that keeps hotel staff happy, loyal and motivated to offer guests an exceptional experience during their stay.

Building the right recognition program takes careful planning. Your on-site talent partner should be able to guide you on ways to optimize its effectiveness. That can include peer-to-peer recognition, recognition programs for different areas of the hotel, like front of the house and back of the house, and methods for promoting the program internally. A great recognition program will help you retain your best talent and send your GSS score soaring.

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