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International Housekeeping Week

Celebrating International Housekeeping Week 2020

The heartbeat of Heart of the House, and the hotel industry, are housekeepers. They are the magic behind the scenes—the key ingredient in a recipe for crafting an incredible guest experience.

Every staff member, from the front of the house to the back, makes guest satisfaction possible. However, the inimitable delight we all feel when returning to a rejuvenated room—made immaculate with impeccable care, attention to detail, and love—we owe to housekeepers. It is the ultimate act of hospitality—too often taken for granted, yet unimaginable to be without.

In today’s environment, housekeepers offer us more than comfort and convenience—they provide us protection. Like all essential workers, they put themselves at risk to reduce ours. We are indebted to their selflessness and commitment to safety. The hotel industry’s comeback would be impossible without housekeepers in our corner. We are forever thankful.

Please join Heart of the House as we celebrate International Housekeeping Week, all week, and honor housekeepers everywhere. This is their time and they deserve it.