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How a People-First Approach to Training Reduces Hotel Turnover

manager training kitchen staff

Turnover is an increasing problem for hotel managers, and it’s one reason they ask us for help. Providing guest satisfaction is challenging when the industry’s separation rate can be as high as 84.9% .

But how do you reduce hotel turnover?

Two solutions we use at Heart of the House to help clients solve this problem are on-site talent management and employee appreciation programs, but there’s a third strategy that can reduce turnover: employee training.

Reduce hotel turnover through training

When developing a training program, hotels typically make performance the priority. A well-designed training program should include specific and measurable goals for improving knowledge, skills, and ability. Training, for instance, can reduce the time it takes housekeeping to make-up a room or improve the front desk’s response time acknowledging guests.

However, while training for performance answers “What’s-in-it-for-me?” for the hotel, it’s not the reason employees seek learning and development.

Employees look at training as an investment in their careers. It attracts them to an employer who will nurture their professional growth offer them a roadmap for the future. 70% of US employees say they’re at least somewhat likely to leave their current company and accept an offer with a new company that’s known for investing in employee learning and development.

People-first training will reduce your hotel turnover rate

At Heart of the House, we recommend a people-first approach to training. It can give hotels the best of both worlds:

  • Improved performance with measurable results
  • Increased employee engagement and loyalty

How do you carry out a people-first employee training program? Here are 5 tips for success:

Incentivize your training

Look at these two training objectives. Which is more likely to engage, motivate and retain employees?

  • At the end of this training session, room attendants will be better prepared to follow the SOP for replacing towels and bathroom amenities.
  • We will award room attendants who complete this training with a certificate of completion, and they will qualify for year-end performance bonuses.    

The first objective lacks incentive, while the second objective offers employees both immediate and longer-term benefits. Make sure you let employees know what’s in it for them!

Don’t make training a one-way street

Your employees will be more engaged if they feel they’re a part of your training program, and not the subject of it. Conduct surveys and ask for their feedback during and after training. Use their ideas to improve your program. Employees who feel that their contributions make a difference are less likely to seek fulfillment elsewhere. This will help reduce hotel turnover.

Use trainers that are passionate, engaging and fun

Have you ever taken a training course with a boring trainer? Did you want to learn or just take a nap? Great trainers will energize your employees, encourage them to learn, and make them feel like your hotel cares about their training.

Empower employees to become trainers themselves

A people-first training program is an opportunity to promote from within. Those engaged, loyal and motivated graduates of your training program might be ready to share their passion and expertise with others. A train-the-trainer initiative creates another career development path for your employees and makes your hotel a place where they want to work for years to come.

Heart of the House Hospitality is a managed hospitality service provider focused on putting people first. Our training solutions help over 500 client properties reduce hotel turnover and hire happy and talented staff. To learn more about our services, visit us at http://www.heartofthehouse.com and connect with us on LinkedIn.