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The Choice is Ours


With heavy hearts we are witnessing events impacting our country and tearing at the fabric of our society. This is a pivotal moment in our country’s history. Each of us wants nothing more than an end to the pandemic and a return to “normal times.”

But we must never go back to the “way things were.”

The Injustice and violence inflicted upon people of color, specifically African Americans, can no longer be tolerated and requires fundamental change. Creating this change is up to us. Thankfully, we all have the power of choice:

The choice to accept instead of judge.
The choice to think before we act.
The choice to treat others as we would like to be treated.
The choice to appreciate different points of view.
The choice to stand against hate.
The choice to support the right to be heard and protest peacefully.
The choice to demand accountability and justice.

We hope you’ll join our company and choose to stand up for those that need our combined voices. United, we can win the battle for equality, justice, and freedom for all human beings.

Heart of the House will continue putting people first, and for us that means all people.

John Taylor
CEO, Heart of the House