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The Safety First Spotlight: Paulina Echavarri, Market Manager



Today, we’re shining the Safety First Spotlight on Paulina Echavarri, Chicago Market Manager and Trust Ambassador for Heart of the House.

Paulina goes above and beyond to ensure the well-being of our associates and clients. She is an excellent communicator and listener and knows how to adapt our staffing solutions to each client’s unique needs.

How long have you worked for Heart of the House?

I have been with Heart of the House for 8 ½ months.

What is your favorite thing about working at Heart of the House?

The company stays true to their mission and vision. When they say they put people first, they mean it. The well-being of our associates comes first, and we go beyond just work to help our associates. It is important to me to work for a company that shares my values and integrity, and it makes me truly happy that I have that at Heart of the House.


What do you love most about supporting the hospitality industry?

That no matter what position you work in hospitality, your job is never too small. From housekeeper to server, everyone makes an impact on someone’s stay or experience, and we are part of that. We can take pride in our high standards and know that our work is making someone’s experience a happy one.

How are you helping our hospitality associates?

Ensuring that they are not only fully equipped with the necessary PPE and new sanitation guidelines (from us and hotel requirements) but also that I do a wellness check with them.

The pandemic has made it very difficult for some associates to provide for their families. So sometimes it helps them to have someone who will sit and listen – even if they just need to vent. I try to support our associates in any way I can.

How are you working with hotel management to ensure safety for staff and guests?

We communicate and meet several times during the week to ensure all associates are following every protocol. Some hotels keep implementing new safety measures, so I meet with each associate to go over it and ensure the training is one-on-one. This is not only for the safety of the guest and the rules of the hotel but to ensure our associates are taking every measure to keep themselves and their families healthy.