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How our H.E.A.R.T Model Helps Build Happy Hospitality Teams

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People are the heart of our company. So much so, that we’ve adopted “HEART” as a model for how we treat our employees and build a team of hospitality talent that is happy, passionate and loyal:

Honesty, Empathy, Appreciation, Recognition, and Trust.

This approach has helped Heart of the House build the happy and loyal team of hospitality talent that serves guests at over 500 client properties. We would like to share with you how we apply this model and why it works:

happy hospitality talent quote: honesty prospers in every condition of life - Friedrich Schiller


At Heart of the House, we invite honest feedback from our employees. While we enjoy hearing about what we do well, what we prefer to understand is, “How can we improve?”. Honesty helps us become better, and we feel our associates appreciate this. The comprehensive health plans, performance bonuses and paid vacations we provide all resulted from associate feedback. 

quote: Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. - Ian Maclaren


We take a compassionate approach to career-building because the perfect job is about more than matching skills to requirements. It may mean a housekeeper can work and still pick up her children from school, or a server can spend time with his family thanks to a paid vacation. By being empathetic and thoughtful, we not only nurture our associates’ careers; we benefit their lives.  

happy hospitality talent quote: Silent gratitude isn't very much use to anyone. - Gertrude Stein


Hospitality work is challenging. That’s why we celebrate all our employees and make sure they feel appreciated. Our on-site managed services allow us to be right there with our talent, encouraging them, congratulating them and letting them know we are thankful for the way they wow our clients and their guests.  

employee recognition quote: Recognition is the greatest motivator. - Gerald C. Eakerdale


Every star needs to shine, so when our associates show excellence, we recognize them. Our Stars Spotlight Award and performance bonuses are two ways we congratulate employees for exceptional service and motivate team members to be their best.       

employee trust quote: Trust is built with consistency


Most of our hospitality talent comes to us through referrals, and we believe the reason is trust. Our associates, many who have worked with Heart of the House for years, are confident that their work will be plentiful, that their pay will come when promised, and that when they need their health benefits, they’ll be there. They trust us to take care of them, and because we do, they take exceptional care of our clients.     

Contact us today and let’s talk about how Heart of the House Hospitality’s people-first approach to talent can help you improve guest satisfaction.