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New Offices Make Hospitality Staffing Easier for Hotel Managers

Heart of the House Columbus and Austin teams at hospitality staffing office opening

Exciting News! Heart of the House Hospitality has expanded its recruitment footprint with the opening of new offices in Columbus, OH, and Austin, TX – our 15th office transformation! This milestone punctuates the game-changing advancements we’ve made in the past year to improve the staffing experience for hotel and F&B managers.

Optimizing Recruitment to Solve Hospitality’s Staff Shortage

In 2023, staffing shortages remained a major concern for many hotels, as highlighted by findings from The American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA). A staggering 82% of hotel managers grappled with staffing challenges, up from 79% the prior year.

To counteract this industry-wide issue, we have meticulously crafted our new offices to make recruiting, onboarding, and orientation faster and more efficient.

15 balloon to celebrate the 15th Office opening for Heart of the House

Cutting the ribbon and glimpse into the austin hospitality staffing office

Streamlined Job Application Process

Easy-Apply stations in the offices making onboarding a breeze for new talent. Prospective employees can now effortlessly apply for available positions, making the entire hiring journey more accessible and user-friendly.

Dedicated Hospitality Training Hubs

Recognizing that skill development is just as vital as candidate availability, we’ve established dedicated training centers in both Columbus and Austin. These centers serve as focal points for assessing and enhancing the know-how of housekeepers and banquet servers, ensuring our workforce is not only readily available but also equipped with the expertise to excel in their roles.

Easy apply stations and Columbus hospitality staffing team

Premier Access to Local Hospitality Talent

With the introduction of our new offices, hotel and event managers in Columbus and Austin gain greater access to proven, local hospitality staff. Our commitment to understanding and catering to the unique needs of each market ensures that clients receive staff exceeding their expectations. This localized, people-first, approach fosters stronger connections between our hospitality staffing agency and the communities it serves.


The launch of our staffing offices in Columbus and Austin sets a new standard for hospitality staffing. Hotels and F&B managers now gain even greater access to top-tier, locally trained staff whenever the need arises. Heart of the House remains committed to reshaping the landscape of hospitality talent management, ensuring both efficiency and excellence in service delivery.