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Nashville Shines: A Celebration to Cap Off a Remarkable Year

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In the heart of Nashville, amidst the vibrant beats of music and the sounds of celebration, Heart of the House hosted a year-end extravaganza that left everyone buzzing with excitement. The event, designed to honor the outstanding achievements of our Market of the Year, Nashville, turned out to be a night of joy, recognition, and anticipation for the promising opportunities that lie ahead in 2024.

The Perfect Venue

A lively soiree, held at the renowned Pelato Restaurant, brought together the local Nashville team and our national all-stars, including esteemed Regional Directors, all under one roof. The atmosphere was electric, mirroring the spirit of a city known for its rich cultural tapestry and warm hospitality.


heart of the house hospitality staff at award dinner

heart of the house hospitality staff at award dinner


Inspiring Words

The highlight of the night undoubtedly belonged to Kenia Gonzalez, our Vice President of Operations. With a radiant smile and genuine enthusiasm, Kenia took the stage to commend the entire Heart of the House family for their phenomenal efforts in 2023. Her words were not just a pat on the back; they were a heartfelt acknowledgment of the dedication and hard work that has helped Nashville, and our hospitality teams nationwide, deliver award winning service to our clients.

Kenia didn’t stop at reflection – she also gave an exciting preview of what 2024 holds for Heart of the House and inspired everyone in the room to brace themselves for another year of success, growth, and guest satisfaction.


heart of the house hospitality staff at award dinner


Welcoming New Roles and Celebrating Leadership

A focal point of the look-ahead was the introduction of our new Regional Structure, a strategic move that promises to enhance our operational efficiency and client support. Joining the ranks of leadership were Wilson Correa, taking charge of the East Region, and Cristina Lopez, steering the ship in the Central Region. Kenia also took a moment to express her gratitude towards Rose Bobadilla, Gina Azer, and Valentina Martinez for their exceptional leadership and outstanding performance in their regions.

It’s All About Teamwork

As the night unfolded with laughter, cheers, and perhaps a few dance moves, it was evident that Heart of the House’s year-end celebration in Nashville was more than just a corporate gathering. It was a testament to the power of unity, hard work, and the shared vision that binds us together. With a stellar team, inspiring leadership, (and a group who know how to throw a party!), Heart of the House is poised for another incredible year. After all, in the bustling world of hospitality, success is undeniably rooted in the people who make it all happen.