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Celebrating Milestones: Heart of the House’s Special Thanks to Our Amazing Associates

hospitality workers receiving milestone bonus awards

At Heart of the House, we believe in recognizing and rewarding the incredible dedication of our hospitality associates—they are unquestionably the heartbeat of our success! In 2023, we awarded over $142,000 in milestone bonuses to our housekeeping and F&B teams. This was not only to thank them for their loyalty to our staffing company, but also to show gratitude for their contributions to the hospitality industry.

Taking Care of Our Own

Housekeeping and food service associates hold a special place in our hearts. Their hard work and dedication often happen behind the scenes, but they are the unsung heroes who keep our operations running smoothly. It’s crucial to us that they not only feel valued but know just how special they are

Our Milestone Bonus Award Program is more than just a gesture – it’s our way of saying a big ‘Thank You’ for the unwavering commitment our associates bring to the table. Our milestones begin at 5 years and offer every associate the opportunity to earn $16,000 in bonuses during their career with us.

  • 5 Years of Service: $1000
  • 10 Years of Service: $5000
  • 15 Years of Service: $5000
  • 20 Years of Service: $5000

Each milestone represents not just a period of time but a special journey of dedication and hard work. It’s our pleasure to acknowledge and reward the milestones that make our associates an integral part of the Heart of the House family

housekeeper receiving milestone bonus from staffing team

A Dual Purpose Program

However, the program isn’t just an employee recognition initiative; it’s also a powerful retention tool. We understand the value of our associates and the vital role they play in providing top-notch hospitality staffing solutions for our hotel and F&B clients. The program ensures that the incredible talent we have stays with us, creating a cohesive and experienced team that our clients can depend on.

Looking to the Future

As we move forward into 2024 and beyond, we are excited to continue the Milestone Bonus Award Program. It’s our commitment to fostering a culture of appreciation, acknowledging milestones, and cherishing the incredible journey each associate undertakes with us. Together, we’ll keep creating staffing success stories for our clients and building a future where everyone feels not just part of a team but a cherished member of the Heart of the House family.

Cheers to the milestones achieved, the journeys yet to come, and the incredible associates who make Heart of the House shine!