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Spotlight Award Winner Daveeno Durson

Daveeno Spotlight Award Housekeeping

Way to Go Daveeno!

Congratulations to Daveeno Durson for earning the Heart of the House Spotlight Award! Daveeno works as a room attendant for our Cincinnati Team. He does a phenomenal job supporting our hotel clients and their guests.

In fact, a guest recently contacted us and the hotel’s General Manager to tell us how impressed they were with his hard work and thoughtfulness. In the guest’s words, “This wasn’t just about cleaning…he went above and beyond. I wanted to put that out there, and let you know he’s a great employee.” We couldn’t agree more!

In addition to winning the Spotlight Award, Daveeno has earned a $50 bonus. Thank you for all you do, Daveeno!

Room Attendant Superstar