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The Safety First Spotlight: Jackie Graber, Account Manager

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Today, we’re shining the Safety First Spotlight on Jackie Graber, Phoenix Account Manager and Trust Ambassador for Heart of the House.

Thanks to her staffing expertise and dedication to COVID-19 awareness and safety, Jackie is helping our clients and associates get back to work safely.

What is your favorite thing about working at Heart of the House?

My favorite thing about working with this strongly supportive team is the opportunity to grow and challenge myself during these unprecedented times. I enjoy engaging with my team to find solutions and add value with each new challenge we face. I appreciate working for a company that creates positive solutions to keep our clients and associates safe, healthy, and protected as we all get back to work.

What do you love most about supporting the hospitality and healthcare industries?

I love the variety of businesses that I encounter between hospitality and healthcare. My experience in food and beverage staffing has allowed me the opportunity to be involved in assisting clients with events as large as the Super Bowl.

Now I value the challenges and rewards associated with healthcare staffing. Every facility may have multiple departments with unique needs and requirements, meaning that compliance is complex and critical. I appreciate that Heart of the House gives me the support to provide for those specialized services demanded by our healthcare clients.

hospitality staffing expert Jackie Graber

How are you helping our associates?

I want our associates to feel confident that People First | Safety First isn’t just a slogan or an empty gesture. I want them to know that we live our values through our actions.

From my first interaction with an applicant to the moment they start on an assignment, I create a safe and protected environment for them to onboard. I train on COVID-19 awareness and safety, any client-specific safety protocol, and ensure they have the PPE they need to remain safe on the job.

What does People First | Safety First mean to you? 

It means the health and safety of our clients and associates is our number one priority.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

I want to recognize the support and encouragement of the other managers in the Southeast Region Team under Regional Director, Kenia Gonzalez’s guidance and leadership. Being able to stay connected with these other markets has strengthened the belief that we are all in this together.