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Volunteering at Bridging Communities

Heart of the House volunteering Bridging Communities

People First Means Giving Back

Heart of the House and Faire Labor, through the Heart of the House Foundation, put employee volunteerism at the top of its priorities. It’s how our family of companies give back to the communities they serve. The community benefits by addressing urgent social issues, and employees benefit by building teamwork, leadership skills, and empathy for those in need.

Last week, our Detroit team supported Bridging Communities. This charity brings comfort, safety and connectivity to senior citizens throughout Southwest Detroit. Together, they went door to door delivering cookies to housebound seniors. It was a day full of smiles, appreciation and welcomed conversations.

Thank you Bridging Communities for meeting the needs of our seniors. Kudos to our team members, Raquel Castrillon, Minerva Garza, and Tiffany Solis for volunteering time to support their community and enrich lives.

Contact Heart of the House Foundation to learn how they can help your organization serve the community.

Heart of the House volunteering Detroit

Heart of the House volunteering in Detroit