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How Work Getaways Are Helping Hotels Bypass the Low Season Blues

increase hotel occupancy with work getaway packages


This year, occupancy has been a challenge for every hotel. Now, with the winter months coming, attracting guests can feel like you’re pushing a snowball uphill.

But here’s good news: you don’t have to let the low season slow you down.

Traditional stays may taper but, for the creative hotelier, there is opportunity. Where? The answer lies in reimagining how guests perceive and use your space.

Smart hotels are repurposing their rooms and amenities to accommodate a new type of client: The COVID-era worker.

Working From Home Is Great. Except When It’s Not.

Working remotely has its perks, but it can be stressful. Kids, pets, Amazon deliveries—that pile of laundry that never shrinks—the opportunities for distraction are endless. It’s easy for productivity to go down the drain (and this morning’s dishes are still sitting in the sink).

Hotels are realizing that workers need a quiet, clean, and comfortable place to work. Where the Wi-Fi never goes out, the coffee is always on, and the loudest sound heard is a sigh of relief. This experience is now available at Marriot, Hilton, Hyatt and more.

Marketed as work passes or work stays, the concept is drawing a new type of guest. This includes workers who need temporary office space and others who just need a break from home.

Work Hard. Play Hard. Or Take a Nap.

Guests can choose from one-day, overnight, or extended work stays. Got the mid-Zoom meeting munchies? Food service is available along with other amenities. Workers can take a stress-relieving dip in the pool, blow off steam in the gym, or enjoy an undisturbed power nap.

Cleanliness is Key

Like all hotel stays, guest satisfaction relies on cleanliness (Read how we helped a luxury brand gain 100% guest satisfaction with our housekeeping services). Make them feel safe and they’ll return. Not just to work, but for family vacations too.

In today’s environment, hotels need to be inventive. Work stays are a great opportunity for your property to use available space, increase occupancy, and attract new guests. It’s a service that, even in a post-pandemic world, will entice digital workers who need a home away from home.

Our hospitality talent can make your work getaway offerings a success. Contact Heart of the House today to learn more.