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Heart of the House COVID-19 Safety Training Series

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At Heart of the House, safety starts with education and training. That’s why we developed a multi-level COVID-19 Safety Training and Certification Program for our hospitality associates.

Level One Training

Our Level One Course takes associates through the essentials of COVID-19 awareness, prevention, and the proper use and disposal of PPE. Associates must pass an exam to move on to Level Two Training.

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Level Two Training

Our Level Two Course builds on Level One and is focused on job-specific hospitality safety protocols and guidelines and includes training on:

  • Cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing:
    • Public Spaces and Offices
    • Hotel Guest Rooms
    • Back of House
  • Worksite Arrival and Departure Procedures
  • Screening and Symptom Reporting
  • And more

Associates must pass a Level Two Exam to be awarded a Course Completion Certificate.

Our training courses can be modified to include your hotel’s specific safety protocols and procedures. Contact us today to book our safety certified hospitality talent or to discuss custom training strategies for your staff.