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Case Studies

Our client’s success stories.

Hotel Suffers From “No Show” Problem On Busy Weekends


The 340-room hotel realized it would have multiple no-shows among its housekeeping staff over two weekends when the hotel was fully booked. At 20 rooms cleaned per housekeeper, the guest satisfaction was at high risk unless the hotel found a way to fill the housekeeping positions immediately or pay significant overtime to existing staff.


With 48-hours’ notice, Heart of the House assembled its local management team to brainstorm potential solutions. Supervisors reviewed schedules of available staff in the area and identified staff that could work temporarily at the new hotel for the designated weekends. The team found 10 qualified housekeepers who could work one weekend and seven for the second weekend. Heart of the House also assigned a supervisor to work on-site both weekends to ensure quality and meet the client’s standards.


This project demonstrated two strengths of our approach. We were able to solve the client’s challenge quickly because we have a team in the market who understands the workforce. And, because we supply housekeepers to multiple properties in the market, we were able to be creative about staffing schedules while meeting all clients’ needs for these two weekends.