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Wilson Correa Promoted to District Manager

Wilson Correa Promotion

Why do property managers in Washington DC and Baltimore hail Wilson Correa as an indispensable part of their staffing strategy?

His years of hospitality staffing experience? Partly. But the main reason, as with many managers at Heart of the House, is that before he began recruiting and placing associates, he was an associate. As a result, Wilson knows first-hand that punctuality, reliability, and work ethic can make or break a hotel. He also knows that how you treat your staff has a direct impact on the aforementioned.

Wilson began his journey with us in F&B, not as a captain or a banquet server, but as a busser. Starting point in his career? Hardly. In fact, prior to joining Heart of the House Wilson was an Assistant Staffing Operations Manager for a hospitality company.

So why bus tables?

To better serve our hotel clients and our associates as a manager, Wilson felt he first had to experience working for Heart of the House as talent. Being a busser was an opportunity to roll-up his sleeves (sometimes literally) and gain a new perspective. During this time, he came to appreciate the way Heart of the House treats our associates and the importance of always putting people first.

As an Account Manager, Wilson championed our Associate Spotlight Program and went out of the way to recognize our hard-working teams. His market expertise and caring way with clients soon earned him a promotion to Dual Market Manager of Washington DC and Baltimore.

Today, we are excited to announce that he is our new District Manager, Washington DC.  Please join us in celebrating Wilson’s journey and achievements!